Sunday, November 6, 2016

Life as it should be

There's no future in the past. Leave the past, let it go. Live for the future.

The LagosNewYorker.

Today's Quote

When a man gets shot, the first thing we ask is not the size of the bullet or make of the gun.... It is: Is he still alive or dead? Life before anything!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Today's Quote

At the spin of a coin, there's always more than one expectation.

The LagosNewYorker

Monday, October 3, 2016

Today's Quote

No matter how hard you try to tame a Gorilla, it will never evolve into a human.

The LagosNewYorker 

Friday, September 30, 2016

Today's Quote

Not every yawn is a sign of sleep and tiredness. Sometimes it may just be hunger.

The LagosNewYorker

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Today's Quote

It's a busy, busy life. But we can't complain because this is what we asked for.

The LagosNewYorker

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Quote of the day

I wake up feeling loved by loving myself first. This is the key to my happy life. I love me.

The LagosNewYorker

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Today's Quote

Sometimes you miss someone more than you ever thought you will, because they seem so distant than you have ever imagined.

The LagosNewYorker.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Quote of the day

It takes a wise man to relate with and say things that will appeal to a wise man. On the other hand, Everything anyone says makes sense to the stupid man. 

The LagosNewYorker

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Quote of the day

I had numerous friends, I loved them and thought they all felt the same way. Now I have a very few friends, and they sincerely love me. I love them in return. Keep your circle small. 


Its a term, it's a word, may sound like it reminds me of a primary school rhyme... But I tell you today,  it is one thing money can't buy and a lot of people live a lifetime miserable and looking to find this, but never get it until they expire.
It's a stable mental feeling where everything around you seems right and seems to be working for you. In want or in need, you don't care about what you have or what you don't have. It's an unexplainable feeling which you just need to experience yourself and then you can explain to someone else just how it feels. 
I am happy right now. So very happy! Smiles... I feel like I lost a gem a while ago and that really saddened me, and then I found diamond, something even better and the feeling that comes with attaining this is more than words can express. 
I am happy! And so I wanted to express this to the world and to as many people as possible. But the fact is, many have a misconception of happiness and they belive that you can only have this when you have so much money or have amassed so much in wealth. But this is a totally wrong view. Research has proved that the happiest people live in the poorest parts of the world. So you might wonder, how can they be happy? Why are they happy even in hunger and thirst? What keeps them happy?
Well, it's not about how much you have but how much you make use of the little you have. I will give you an example. Growing up as a kid all I thought about was waking up the next day and smelling the aroma of the food my mom was cooking before I go to school, sure that I would eat. Embark on my 45 minutes walk to school and then happily join the line of kids singing nursery rhymes. Go for a break where I may not be able to afford buying from the school vendor, so I have my little lunch in my flask, and sometimes when I have none I go playing soccer with a little ball in a field so as not to think of the fact that I will have to look at other kids eating and don't have food myself.
I would walk back home another 45 minutes singing and reciting things I had learnt for the day. I was always happy. I always had the feeling of winning and the fact that there's something good waiting for me when I get home. So I never worried too much about what others had, and what my parents couldn't afford. And so with this attitude, I grew up to be the man that I am today.
I would wake up each day knowing that I have to go up the street with a bucket or kegs and get water as many times as it will take to get a drum full. It became part of me. So imagine how I would have felt if a bore hole of tap water was obtainable and presented to my house as a gift.

Check out these few pictures and tell me what you think:

One of the most consistent images of Africa is the smiling and happy kids. How much do they have you may wonder? What makes them feel this way? Nothing but happiness! 

The LagosNewYorker.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Quote of the day

I need certain things because my life depends on them. I want others  because I believe I should have them .... but can do without them.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

The undeniable existence of beauty

Beauty comes in very different forms and you cannot doubt the existence of such beauty. Have you taken a good look at the birds that fly in mid heavens and how they look? There's a variety and each one has its peculiar characteristics that make it beautiful in its own way. The lilies of the field, the eagle that soars high, the pegions we are so used to seeing around us and the parrot that's such a talkative. Have you ever spent some time to look at these beautiful creatures? Yes I have. And I can tell you confidently that each one of them was created beautiful in its own way.

Have you ever wondered how the flowers array themselves with so much beauty? They could come in different colors and shades and they can smell better than the most nicely prepared scents and perfumes. Sometimes you wonder if someone decorated and painted them in those colors overnight before they blossomed the next morning... Yes! I feel that way at times. 

And so, do you know that humans are the most beautiful things you can ever see on the earth? Variety they say, is the spice of life. And so, we were made to look different and have beautiful features. Not everybody will have my big Nose and big lips. Not everybody will have my dark rich chocolate skin. I might not be as tall as the other man is, and my eyes may not be as grey as that beautiful woman's eyes are. I may have short hair and you may have long, curly hair. 

Our voices too are different. You may sound like the beautiful birds of heaven that sing beautiful songs by 5:30am while I sound like a cock that crows by 4am. You may be curvy and thick while I may be slim and average. It's all a variety and that makes us the most beautiful things on this planet. So, when decide to procreate and then we come together and combine these qualities and characteristics, it brings forth kings and queens like me and my family. 

I can bet you that I will make kings and queens because this is proof that I am part of the human race.
And the most beautiful children are always those who are mixed races. They turn out to look like diamonds because we are meant to make the best out of the variety we have, and not stick to the same routine all the time. This makes us humans. We have free will. We have a choice and we can see and feel the powerful existence of beauty. We are beautiful! 

The LagosNewYorker

You fall in love with the things you are attracted to.

It's funny how our wants, needs, desires and aspirations can change with time due to certain factors. But it's only natural that it happens that way. Recently, I fell in love with Jamaica and wanted to be part of the culture, the place, the people and I was out there to learn as much as I could about this beautiful island and take a trip there sometime to get to know as much as I possibly can about these wonderful tribe and people.
I fell in love with Jamaica and was attracted to It. The attraction was more than a mere attraction of the eyes and I will forever be attracted and be part of it. Planning for a trip over there soon, trying to learn a few things about the patwa slangs and language as they have it, and I have already learnt a lot of sayings, proverbs and demographics.
I was speaking to my Jamaican friend this morning and he said: Duppy know who fi frighten. And because of the context of our discussion I had a premeditated understanding of what that saying meant and I really took notice of it and kept it at heart. For the sake of knowledge and continuous learning I will explain the meaning in clear terms: Bullies pick on those who have the least defense.
They can tell that this person will not be able to fight back or talk back at them for certain reasons and so they feel superior and pick on these people as much as they enjoy doing it.
How much my interest grew for Jamaican culture, food, language, sayings and more cannot be explained or overly emphasized. It is what it is.
I fell in love with Jamaica and I am still in love with Jamaica as this is not changing anytime soon. I am on a quest to fulfill my urge and the yearning I have as I live my life and enjoy what I do.
I know some of you share my sentiments.

The LagosNewYorker

Random sayings

A book may have the most beautiful cover but empty blank pages within. Don't judge a book by the beauty of its cover, but read the contents. 

The LagosNewYorker

Quote of the day

When you find true love and the right woman who reciprocates your sincere feelings and actions, show her love, show her love.. I repeat.. Show her love.  Respect her, respect her, respect her. Give her attention, give her attention.. I repeat.. Give her attention. And the rest will be like a fairy tale.

The LagosNewYorker 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Quote of the day

Sometimes you need to take a second look at yourself in the mirror to be reminded of who you really are.

The LagosNewYorker

Food for thought

They said I was crazy, I told them I wasn't born like the normal child and didn't come out from just anybody, my mother is an angel, hence the major difference in characteristics and the way I do my thing. 
Then, they said I was Heartless and have no human sympathy. Then I reminded myself of how many times I have thought about helping the excessive amount of people who suffer on earth, the little I have been able to render whenever I could, the things I am still doing right now, and how hard I am working to be able to help as much more people as possible. Then I put my hand close to my chest and feel my heart beat, and I smile and say to myself: I am not heartless. 
Then they tell me to go to Hell because this is what I deserve and where I belong. Then I remind them that I was born in hell. I lived in hell, I grew up in hell, I matured in hell, became a king in hell, was named Chasari in hell, and decided to become the LagosNewYorker and live in NY today. So, if I go back to hell today, I am King! I will walk in and control the affairs like no one else will do better.

And then they tell me they can't continue on a journey with me. Then I smile and ask myself: How many times do you have to be reminded that you are alone in this cold world and really don't need anybody's point of view to determine your happiness, dictate the pace at which you live your life, love yourself and others, and the happiness that comes with giving love and expecting nothing in return for such a good deed.
 And a "journey" may seem like endless to some but I see things differently, I start journeys everyday and get to my destination before the end of the same day, some take me weeks, some months, and some years. But I never miss my path, I walk when I can, run when I can and fly when I can. And whenever the journey is getting the best of me and I feel so weak, I just crawl and never stop! I get to my destination and become a victor each time. I never relent and I never stop. I don't take the easy way out. I always win! I mean... Always!

I will never stop winning and things will never stop working out for me as planned because I am blessed and guided by the greatest personification of blessing and love in the universe and he has not failed me for once. He made me who I am today. I am King! I am who I am. I am Chasari.

The LagosNewYorker.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Quote of the day

You don't die only when you stop breathing. Many people die the moment they choose to stop loving sincerely. That's the worst death of all. 

Food for thought

They were together on the same boat, and then they noticed water coming in from a corner of the boat: it was a leak, and before they could work to fix it together, one decided to jump into the sea because they can swim and left the other battling to paddle and the boat began to sink. The other tried so hard to paddle on top of trying to call out to their friend for help and to advice them to come back to the boat for safety because the torrents were dangerous and he knew better about the waters than the one who jumped into the sea. There wasn't much he could do but try to save himself, fix the leak and paddled to safety. He waited on the other friend, and waited, and waited. Whatever happened to the other friend? Sad! The torrents was too much for him to swim. The waters had drowned him and then sent him back to the shore after a while. 

Moral: True friends stick to each other even when it's seemingly difficult and in times of distress. Don't be too quick to jump out a situation but work to fix it and if it eventually paves away and breaks to pieces, then you can swim. Before then, do all you can to put the boat back afloat and together sail to safety. The easy way out is hardly ever the best way out. Think about the torrents before you dive. 

Chasari the LagosNewYorker. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Quote of the day

In the multitude of advisors, lies confusion.

The LagosNewYorker. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Quote of the Day

You may never stop dreaming. But if you haven't taken the first few steps from your dreams to wake to reality and work on your dreams, then you might just sleep and never wake up. 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Quote of the Day

We know the lion always stays hungry and he is king of the jungle. But there are times he sees a bufallo and just walks away. At this point, there's no more fight left in him and he has to maintain his status as King. Sometimes it's easier to just walk away.

It's Chiaka, Chasari the LagosNewYorker

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Quote of the Day

It's not about the size of the body, its how many blows your body can absorb during the fight.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Quote of the day

Just when you thought it was the only path to future, the door got shut. But necessity made you break down walls, build doors and you opened them one after the other to discover where your future lies. The future is now. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Quote of the day

Beauty is more than just what the eyes can see. It is deeper than the heart can understand. It is what it is. I just can't explain.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Friday, July 22, 2016

Quote of the Day

Bring on the competition, healthy or unhealthy, It wakes me up. If the unhealthy needs to be cured, I have some medication.

Monday, July 18, 2016

The Music Trend

Its summer in 2016, and the month of July is slowly leaving us. Which is not a bad thing, but how much have we done in July? Did we make the best of it? Did we miss out on certain opportunities and options that could have been explored? I know many of us will have similar comments but it's not a bad thing if you see reasons to reassess what you could do better next time.
Well, I know a whole lot of friends and acquaintances who have been into different professions but are suddenly going into music as a career which is great and commendable. But the folly in this is, a whole lot of them are doing this just because they think they will be the next rave in town which is also very possible, but do we know that certain things are not just for everybody?
Well, I believe certain people are talented at certain things and they are masters at it when they work on themselves, but I am also a true believer that some people with no talent will make fame that will surpass the talent when they strive hard and work and work and work towards their dreams.
But I still insist, music is not just for everyone! Some people suck at it completely and they can sincerely tell themselves that it's not meant for them and they shouldn't be bothering themselves going for studio sessions and wasting time they would have put into something else they would have been more productive at. But, prove me wrong with your success in future and I will be one of the first people to patronize you because I love success, the smell and the feel of it.
So, the point I am trying to make here is: Be truthful to yourself. The worst thing you can do is lie to yourself. You can lie to others, but the moment you begin to tell yourself lies, you are finished!
If you know one thing is not good for you.... Move on to other things.
I have seen younger ones lining up waiting on the mic to express themselves because they believe they will excel at music, but have you taken a look at the X factor and other music talent hunts we have out there. Yes, it is proof that some of us will miss out on the things that really matter and could make us better people and a success in our career when we are pursuing things that are not meant for us. If writing is a waste of time for me, believe me, I will switch my career goals immediately.
It's Chiaka, Chasari the LagosNewYorker.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Unbearable heat in NY (Business Opportunity)

When I was told it could get "Africa" hot here in NY, I always thought it was a joke. Oh Boy... Now I can fully understand what summer feels like. No wonder people go half or completely naked when this weather decides to act like this. 
In such heat, then cool things become a necessity. Things that can quench thirst, make the environment more conducive and then styles of clothing changes. The trends remain the determining factor as to what people will have on. But I always tell people that trends will always come and go.
So, what is that special thing or effect that you could add into your fashion portfolio to make you on demand all year round? Now that's the way a smart business man should think because summer doesn't last for the rest of the year. 
Well, there are certain businesses that have their peak sales period at certain months of the year and this is determined by the weather at hand. This is not a bad thing though, but do you think they wouldn't wish their sales could go that way all year round? 
Well, when I was taught about the competitive edge, it made me understand that there are certain extras you could out into your business or product that could really make that difference, and make you special and on demand. 
Sometimes we sit and think that all avenues to make a difference have been exhausted. Well, I tell you today, that's a lazy man's way of thinking and assumptions that are not well founded.
There's so much to explore and a whole lot more that can be done to make a difference. 
Being different and unique is an attraction. People are naturally attracted to something different because it tends to amuse them that someone could come up with something that's not the same they have been used to all these while. So, why not explore what you could do right now to make a difference? The time is now! 
It's Chiaka, Chasari the LagosNewYorker.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

The art of Hand Embroidery

It takes someone with special talents or relentless hard-work to make a unique style out of clothing. This is because clothing has been here since the beginning and there have been styles and trends that come and go, so it is very rare to come out with something that nobody has ever seen.
But, I must say that certain people have decided to take designs and handwork to another level and it is worth looking into. This is a source of inspiration when you think about all the work that was put into this from the conception stage where the designs are thought of in the mind, and till the point where they are made to look like the imagination. Never comes easy! 
Let me post a few pictures of one design I found so interesting and unique:

This design is by Chasari the Lagos NewYorker and it's a beautiful piece of artwork.
Sometimes I wonder if people really appreciate those little things we do that are not the usual as expected by everyone out there in the world. But the fact is, if you wait for the endorsement of people before you decide to carry out certain things, you will never be happy and will never discover how much worth you have. So I suggest, you get the work done and move ahead with getting yourself better the next time. Wait for people's views and suggestions and if you are criticized, it's a good thing. Work on making it better the next time and then you will be surprised how much better you will get. Put all of this together and keep going. Don't stop! 
It's Chiaka, Chasari the LagosNewYorker. 

Friday, July 8, 2016

I don't see Color.

I am pained to live in a generation where skin color is seen as a medium to segregate certain people from others. Its so sad! Who wouldn't want to live life in peace?
When we are born into the world, we are called a baby. We are not called white or black or mixed or all of that. We are higher animals and have you ever noticed how other animals interact?
A black goat will eat grass with a brown colored goat, and they will mate and have babies that are black and brown. A white dog will mate a black dog and when they have mixed puppies they look so adorable, and we sure love to see those beauties mature.
But what has happened to us Humans? What color do we see? I just don't get it!
Do you know that babies never know color until their minds are fried and made to believe that one person is better than the other because they look a certain color?
What is it with the racial disparity? Why do cowards put hate in their hearts and those of the little innocent babies? Why do you decide to create hatred and enmity and instill wrong morals in the hearts of the younger ones when we should rather be building each other up in love?
What is wrong with the world? Can we just be natural? Can we just be normal? Can we just be humans?

A tree grows and produces fine fruit that's edible. It comes in all colors, forms and sizes, and we all decide to eat whatever we want. Whatever fruits and vegetables we can afford is eaten and we enjoy them. The fruits never decide to poison someone having a certain color because they are not good for them. It never happens. We don't refuse olives in a salad because of its color, and I wouldn't refuse sour cream in my burrito because of its color.
Can we just be normal? Can we reset our mindset to those times when we were babies? Where we never saw race, nor color and we were just happy living together. I miss those days. I really do.
Love is all we need. The heart condition and feelings are what matters the most.
Do you know how many interracial marriages or relationships we have in the world today?
Do you know how many mixed pregnancies we have out there today?
Lets stop this madness before the babies grow and start getting confused and asking what color they really are. Because a baby never knows anything about color except for the beauty of variety in different colors, and they never feel a certain way about a color until they are told something.
I love the mixture. I love colors. I wear all colors. I embrace all colors.
I will not stop being who I am and I will never stop loving what I love.
I am Chiaka, Chasari, the LagosNewyorker!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Start planting Now!

Victory is a term that comes with honor. It's like being able to pull through something and come out successful. I know a couple of my readers can relate with this feeling especially if you have waited for certain things for so long and worked towards it and had all your expectations come to a reality.
Nothing can replace this feeling! 
But guess what, it doesn't happen automatically and it is no magic. This is something that has to be worked on or worked towards for a while and as you see it progressing, then you can look towards a realization of something expected. So, in simple terms, this means you must plant before you expect to reap any fruitage. The popular saying: You reap what you sow is very applicable here.
So what's on your mind right now? Yes, the same thing on my mind and I will ask the question:
What have you sown in the recent months? Weeks? Days? Hours? Minutes? Even seconds! 
What do you want to reap in the nearest future? Or.. What do you expect? 
Something? Nothing? There's no magic to it. Start now so you can expect to get something and eventually come out Victorious in your personal pursuits and find a purpose in life.
On the other hand, sitting and doing nothing while you procrastinate on future riches and wealth that are non-existent will reap nothing... I mean nothing! 
Do not be misled by the social media and the lives that people profess to live out there.
There is much more to it than you can ever understand. The only way to become a victor and successful in life is to fight and work hard. Yes, work on something, be fruitful and then you can have hope of a future when those little things you did will reap their rich rewards. 
I am a Victor. I am a Fighter! I work... I don't play.
The future is bright and I have a vision I am working towards and in future I will refer back to this post today. Logically, I just planted. It will definitely produce in future.
It's Chiaka, Chasari the LagosNewYorker. 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Younger Generation is the Future

When I was a lot younger, my mother always told me to take life seriously because "before you know it" so much time has passed by and you will wish you had been more focused and did certain things with more seriousness.
With the advancement in technology, the younger generation today is exposed to the world right at their finger tips, right on their mobile phones, and they can swim thru all the parts of the world in seconds. If you asked an 85 year old man or woman if they ever thought the advancement would have come this quick, they will sincerely tell you that it came quicker than ever expected.
So just as the saying goes, with responsibility comes accountability. Yes, a whole lot has gone wrong with the use of social media, cell phones and we cannot overly emphasize how serious this is.
There's a lot to talk about, but I will cite a few examples.
I saw a video on Facebook of a little boy who should be about 4 or 5, and before I saw him in the video, a certain girl was acting like a slut with a lollipop in her mouth, and then this little boy who ought to be reading and learning to make complete sentences got right in front of the camera and made statements so vulgar I have never used in my life expressing how he will "have sex" with this grown woman. I felt disappointed at who ever uploaded the video for the kid, or whoever his parents or guardians are. It is sad to know that the boys mind is already filled so much immorality. Whatever happened to morals? Where's the world heading to? If the younger generation is the future and the world of entertainment and social media makes the younger ones feel its okay to say or  do whatever they feel like, and act however they want to, then I envision an uncertain future where the young men and women of that time would have wasted their lives in their early years.
Parent and Guardians, we know it is a little demanding raising these kids these days, but we have to do all we can to instill good morals into them and let them know when those things they do and the way they act is inappropriate.
A little discipline will never kill the child. Because we do not hit children in this part of the world, there are a lot of other ways to make a child see when he has done wrong and needs to take correction. Do not let that second pass by before you let this kids know they need to stop and act better. Because waiting a little longer, you may forget or decide not to discipline anymore and the child thinks their actions are acceptable. We have to do something about this before it gets totally out of hand. I just thought I should say it how I feel because I couldn't keep this to myself anymore.
The younger generation is the future, and if we don't  shape them in the right path, then the future is not looking promising at all.
Its Chiaka, Chasari the LagosNewyorker.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Do you understand what you really want?

Always go for what you want because it will never come you way easy.
You deserve what you get! Have you ever heard somebody say that to you? Oh yea.
We all have needs and we are quick to express disappointment whenever certain things don't work for us the way we would have wanted. But we forget that we are architects of our successes and failures.
The body wont get up from the bed in the morning at a certain time if the mind doesn't wake up and tell it to keep it moving. I will confess that each day I wake up on my bed, the first thing I wish to do is go back to sleep. Does anybody else ever feel this way?
Well, at that point all I do is roll like I am falling off the bed and when my mind sees my body going that way, it immediately gets up and I get going with the new day.
Nothing ever comes easy, and if something has ever come easy your way, look back and reflect, and you will discover that you have been working on this or have worked on it unwittingly, and at the time when you least expected it, it came your way.
Hard work is compulsory, not necessary. If you believe that others are making out there without hard work, try not working and then you will understand life from an entirely different perspective.
Life is Hard, and we can only make things work better for ourselves when we strive to thrive.
If you want the best, then you need to work for the best and do all that it takes to get the best.
Its Chiaka, Chasari the LagosNewYorker.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Make up bag tutorial in minutes.

It doesn't take too much to get this done.
I personally believe we can do anything as long as we choose to do it.
I will post more more videos so we can keep learning from them and probably start something new. A make up bag brand wouldn't be bad if you have a passion for it.
Hope you all have a great weekend.
It's Chiaka, Chasari the LagosNewYorker.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

How to make a French seam

A lot of us really do wish we could sew and we may even have sewing machines at home, but sometimes we find it difficult to fix even minor alterations.
Anyways, Brooklyn creative studio, my partners in the LagosNewYorker brand are doing live videos you can learn from, and we will have a series of live videos which will be announced. You can come online, watch these videos, make comments, ask questions and be part of this means to empower and inspire millions out there to do something for themselves.
Check out this video above on how to make a French seam.
More will be posted to you soon.
It's Chiaka, Chasari the LagosNewYorker.

Monday, June 20, 2016


A lot of us get scared and wonder if we will ever have kids because we can't imagine bringing our kids up and then losing them to a rebellious way of life. 
In many cases, the parent does their job and gives their all into the upbringing but find out that it is never too much to keep teaching your child morals and showing them the path to a good way of living. But, whenever it's time for the children to decide for themselves what they want, we cannot hold them back or stop them from doing what they please, but one thing that we can be sure of is the fact that they have not forgotten all those things they were taught.
So, it's better to start early and inculcate into your child the best way you would want them to live because In the future, they will be shaped by those little things you taught them.
It's Chiaka, Chasari the LagosNewYorker.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

My team is always Hungry

Your association now really tells a lot about how successful you will turn out to be in future. We all need certain people in our lives for encouragement, guidance and direction especially when we might have certain hurdles to cross in life. But we sure need to be selective as to whose advice we act on because wasted time is worse than wasted money.
I have met a lot of people in life. Successful and already made people, working hard relentlessly on the ladder of success, some who are just trying to find their path to success and will do anything just to make sure they get there. But every time I meet someone who is successful at what they do, I ask questions because I believe I can always learn something from them, something new. And one thing that they always have in common is the fact that they keep their circles small. They may not have a lot of friends but the few ones they have are a motivation and inspiration for them to  keep going and be better at whatever they do.
So, at this point I will say, we need to use discretion when choosing our friends and those we call team members who will be there to support us all the way up and keep us going even when we have touched the sky and are floating in it.

When a wise man decides to share his ideas to a foolish man, it's as good as seeing an Oasis in the desert only to fetch the water into a basket. It's such a waste. You will run out of reasonable ideas, it will all be a waste and the foolish man will keep telling you that your ideas are not achievable.
I have met a lot of them, I dust them off like the sand on my feet. I am relentless in my aspirations and I do not go anywhere close to those who talk down my dreams. At least I dream! They sleep empty and wake empty with no dreams, no vision, no growth. If you can't relate with me, then you are no part of my team. So if you really want to make your way successful, then stay Hungry! Choose your friends wisely, and never be sympathetic about dropping dirt in the trash.
That's where it belongs!
It's Chiaka, Chasari the LagosNewYorker.

Ever know where life takes you?

You never know where life takes you.
True Indeed! Look back 5 years of your life and imagine how much has changed. So much I guess.
You have grown, you have matured, made your mistakes, learned your lessons, made good decisions that have taken a good toll on your life, made bad decisions and had to live with the consequences.
Well, a whole lot could have happened. But the best thing about it is, if you are reading this right now, then you are still alive, and you can see. That's a blessing.
Sometimes we make mistakes because we are imperfect and we have to live with the decisions we make because the live with us and don't leave us. Well, there's no set rule for an individuals choices in life and I appreciate the fact that we have free will and can choose to do what we please to do and what our heart steers us to. So, we have a new day counting already today, and the next 5 years that we have in front of us can either mold us into a future success, or be such a disaster. You may think you really don't need the opinion of others as to what you choose to do with your life, but sit back, think and wonder: The men who became major successes in life had to live with a vision and they had people they talked to, a lot of advice and decision making. Know who you listen to and take advice from. Remember, a wise man never talks too loud and too much. Never wants to win a war of words and is never haughty.
Someone may have so much wealth and still be foolish. So do not be mistaken. That you are wealthy doesn't mean you are wise. And that you are of little means doesn't mean you can't give me the best advice that could impact positively on my future.
I will keep working with the right frame of  mind, meeting the right people and doing the right things today, because you never know where life takes you. Make the right decisons.

Wise words I heard from Rosemary Garcia this Morning. Instagram: @rosemarygarciany
Its Chiaka, Chasari the Lagos NewYorker.

Friday, June 17, 2016

The true value of a mother

I know it is normal for children these days in the permissive world we live in today to look down at their mothers, talk down on their mothers and even sometimes say curse words to their mothers. Living in New York City, I see this everyday and I just smile so as not to meddle in other people's affairs, but this is unacceptable and utterly disrespectful.

Do you know that every woman alive has the ability to carry a baby in the womb for as many months as possible and bring a life to the world. A woman has so much patience and she cares for the child in the womb from the first day she discovers she's pregnant and wants to keep the baby. There is an automatic bond between the mother and the child and they become inseperable. The woman has a lot of pain and sometimes suffers so much in silence because she will bear whatever pain to keep her baby. And the agony of childbirth cannot be explained. It can only be felt by the woman who suffers labor pains and waits for the child to finally come out into the world. 

Now the child is born and then the woman starts to breastfeed from the moment the child needs to eat, and she does this for months, bathing the child, carrying the child everywhere she goes, caring for the child's every need. It takes a lot of patience, love, prayers, sleepless nights, overwhelming anxieties and sometimes the woman doesn't understand how she's going to keep doing this, but she never stops. 

And then, the child grows and becomes mature enough to understand life and then decides to start talking back at someone who did all of this for you right from when you were formed? How ungrateful! No woman has ever had a child and hated the child. A lot goes into making sure the child's needs are met. So, can you just have a rethink the next time you think you want to talk back at your mother? Just as we always would love a gift offered to us by someone especially when it is unexpected, so is the gift of your mother deciding not to abort you and keep you so you can come into the world. So, the best way to say thank you to a mother is show love and respect in return. You can never repay them for all the good they have done for us in our lives. 

I use this medium to say thank you to my dear mother. You are everything! You made me who I am today and you taught me from infancy that there's more to life than we see on the outside. The love, care and affection you showered me is reflected in my attitude towards others and I can boastfully say that "I have the best mother in the World". I love you so much and you will always be my Numero Uno. Am proud of my mother and nothing can change the way I feel. How about you? 

It's Chiaka, Chasari the LagosNewYorker! 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Greatest Investment!

When a child is Born, a lot goes through the mind of the parents.They may not speak out, but deep down their mind they ask questions like: What next? What is the future of this Child going to be like? How am I going to raise him/her up to be decent, respectful, successful or What will happen if this child turns out to be somebody else I never expected?  What can I do to make him/her happy? e.t.c
There's so much more that could go through a parents mind, so the parents have their mind set on seeing the child grow and turn out to be the person they had wished for. 
Along the line of training and upbringing though, a lot of things start to happen, and then the child goes from a baby to a toddler and the wants and needs of the child changes.
Then, the parent knows that there's more to do than just breastfeed and buy clothes for a baby. Now the child needs solid food, the child needs to go to school, needs to mix up with other friends and as the child continues to develop into teenage years, then the mind racing becomes even more intense. 
Especially when the child discovers that they can have some sort of independence and freedom, then it becomes the duty of the parent to let them know there has to be a line drawn and a restriction is some cases. It would be very wrong for a parent to give the child just everything they request.
Children out to know that nothing comes easy. And everything that you own is either earned or acquired. This way they have a sense of responsibility. 
But after all that has been said, do you realize we omitted the most important thing?
TIME! The value of this cannot be overemphasized. You need to spend more time with your children than you let them hang out in school or with their peers. I understand the need to pay bills and work to be able to afford a good life. But, we should never forget that our kids are more important than money and the upbringing they get today is what will lead them on a path to success tomorrow.
Invest time and energy in your child. You can wait on the line for each new Jordan being launched, but is really what you really want to instill in your child? Materialism is vague. And wasted time like they say, is worse than wasted money, because you can still make money but you can never bring back wasted time. Invest wisely in your child right now and reap the rich benefits forever.

Its Chiaka, Chasari the LagosNewYorker.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Why I Love America

America is the land of milk and honey, a place where there is always something to do. A country where we all have freedom of speech and the right to live and be free.
I was at times square when I saw this woman and I just had to take a pic.

I found this Hilarious.
I Love America.
Its Chiaka, Chasari the LagosNewYorker.

The biggest Latin festival in the USA.

It was Saturday June 11th and I had a wonderful time dancing and watching the amazing Puerto Rican and Hispanic people do their thing. It was the 31st year celebration and all I could hear was the chant of the crowd whenever one of the hosts screamed Boricua.
People came from all around the world for this festival and it was such an electrifying atmosphere with beautiful people and mixture of so much colors. I could see a rainbow by merely looking in the crowd. Puerto Ricans are very beautiful people, and did you know I have some Puerto Rican in me?
Sure, am married to one and this was one of my opportunities to experience the culture, atmosphere and beautiful people. Take a look at a few pictures and videos I could take, and let me have your opinion about these wonderful culture and people.

Took tons of pictures. Enjoy the few I shared and I will be coming back with amazing posts.
Its Chiaka, Chasari the Lagos-NewYorker.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Studio section with Rideout163

Got an early morning call to meet up with my man Princeton Davis of Rideout163 for a studio session. Nothing could look better than a young man who's working hard to make his way to the top. I personally find that attractive and I'm naturally drawn to such people whenever I meet them. And then I see so much passion in what he does.

We all have a passion and something that drives us. Some could be passionate about the very wrong things, meanwhile those who are passionate about the right things are the ones that make a difference in the world we live.

And we had with us, Oscar the magician with the lighting and photography.
Everything that makes a difference in life is achieved out of your comfort zone.
Don't sit and lament over past mysteries, Get up and Grind.
Its Chiaka, Chasari the LagosNewyorker.