Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Its a term, it's a word, may sound like it reminds me of a primary school rhyme... But I tell you today,  it is one thing money can't buy and a lot of people live a lifetime miserable and looking to find this, but never get it until they expire.
It's a stable mental feeling where everything around you seems right and seems to be working for you. In want or in need, you don't care about what you have or what you don't have. It's an unexplainable feeling which you just need to experience yourself and then you can explain to someone else just how it feels. 
I am happy right now. So very happy! Smiles... I feel like I lost a gem a while ago and that really saddened me, and then I found diamond, something even better and the feeling that comes with attaining this is more than words can express. 
I am happy! And so I wanted to express this to the world and to as many people as possible. But the fact is, many have a misconception of happiness and they belive that you can only have this when you have so much money or have amassed so much in wealth. But this is a totally wrong view. Research has proved that the happiest people live in the poorest parts of the world. So you might wonder, how can they be happy? Why are they happy even in hunger and thirst? What keeps them happy?
Well, it's not about how much you have but how much you make use of the little you have. I will give you an example. Growing up as a kid all I thought about was waking up the next day and smelling the aroma of the food my mom was cooking before I go to school, sure that I would eat. Embark on my 45 minutes walk to school and then happily join the line of kids singing nursery rhymes. Go for a break where I may not be able to afford buying from the school vendor, so I have my little lunch in my flask, and sometimes when I have none I go playing soccer with a little ball in a field so as not to think of the fact that I will have to look at other kids eating and don't have food myself.
I would walk back home another 45 minutes singing and reciting things I had learnt for the day. I was always happy. I always had the feeling of winning and the fact that there's something good waiting for me when I get home. So I never worried too much about what others had, and what my parents couldn't afford. And so with this attitude, I grew up to be the man that I am today.
I would wake up each day knowing that I have to go up the street with a bucket or kegs and get water as many times as it will take to get a drum full. It became part of me. So imagine how I would have felt if a bore hole of tap water was obtainable and presented to my house as a gift.

Check out these few pictures and tell me what you think:

One of the most consistent images of Africa is the smiling and happy kids. How much do they have you may wonder? What makes them feel this way? Nothing but happiness! 

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