Sunday, July 17, 2016

Unbearable heat in NY (Business Opportunity)

When I was told it could get "Africa" hot here in NY, I always thought it was a joke. Oh Boy... Now I can fully understand what summer feels like. No wonder people go half or completely naked when this weather decides to act like this. 
In such heat, then cool things become a necessity. Things that can quench thirst, make the environment more conducive and then styles of clothing changes. The trends remain the determining factor as to what people will have on. But I always tell people that trends will always come and go.
So, what is that special thing or effect that you could add into your fashion portfolio to make you on demand all year round? Now that's the way a smart business man should think because summer doesn't last for the rest of the year. 
Well, there are certain businesses that have their peak sales period at certain months of the year and this is determined by the weather at hand. This is not a bad thing though, but do you think they wouldn't wish their sales could go that way all year round? 
Well, when I was taught about the competitive edge, it made me understand that there are certain extras you could out into your business or product that could really make that difference, and make you special and on demand. 
Sometimes we sit and think that all avenues to make a difference have been exhausted. Well, I tell you today, that's a lazy man's way of thinking and assumptions that are not well founded.
There's so much to explore and a whole lot more that can be done to make a difference. 
Being different and unique is an attraction. People are naturally attracted to something different because it tends to amuse them that someone could come up with something that's not the same they have been used to all these while. So, why not explore what you could do right now to make a difference? The time is now! 
It's Chiaka, Chasari the LagosNewYorker.