Monday, June 27, 2016

Do you understand what you really want?

Always go for what you want because it will never come you way easy.
You deserve what you get! Have you ever heard somebody say that to you? Oh yea.
We all have needs and we are quick to express disappointment whenever certain things don't work for us the way we would have wanted. But we forget that we are architects of our successes and failures.
The body wont get up from the bed in the morning at a certain time if the mind doesn't wake up and tell it to keep it moving. I will confess that each day I wake up on my bed, the first thing I wish to do is go back to sleep. Does anybody else ever feel this way?
Well, at that point all I do is roll like I am falling off the bed and when my mind sees my body going that way, it immediately gets up and I get going with the new day.
Nothing ever comes easy, and if something has ever come easy your way, look back and reflect, and you will discover that you have been working on this or have worked on it unwittingly, and at the time when you least expected it, it came your way.
Hard work is compulsory, not necessary. If you believe that others are making out there without hard work, try not working and then you will understand life from an entirely different perspective.
Life is Hard, and we can only make things work better for ourselves when we strive to thrive.
If you want the best, then you need to work for the best and do all that it takes to get the best.
Its Chiaka, Chasari the LagosNewYorker.