Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Greatest Investment!

When a child is Born, a lot goes through the mind of the parents.They may not speak out, but deep down their mind they ask questions like: What next? What is the future of this Child going to be like? How am I going to raise him/her up to be decent, respectful, successful or What will happen if this child turns out to be somebody else I never expected?  What can I do to make him/her happy? e.t.c
There's so much more that could go through a parents mind, so the parents have their mind set on seeing the child grow and turn out to be the person they had wished for. 
Along the line of training and upbringing though, a lot of things start to happen, and then the child goes from a baby to a toddler and the wants and needs of the child changes.
Then, the parent knows that there's more to do than just breastfeed and buy clothes for a baby. Now the child needs solid food, the child needs to go to school, needs to mix up with other friends and as the child continues to develop into teenage years, then the mind racing becomes even more intense. 
Especially when the child discovers that they can have some sort of independence and freedom, then it becomes the duty of the parent to let them know there has to be a line drawn and a restriction is some cases. It would be very wrong for a parent to give the child just everything they request.
Children out to know that nothing comes easy. And everything that you own is either earned or acquired. This way they have a sense of responsibility. 
But after all that has been said, do you realize we omitted the most important thing?
TIME! The value of this cannot be overemphasized. You need to spend more time with your children than you let them hang out in school or with their peers. I understand the need to pay bills and work to be able to afford a good life. But, we should never forget that our kids are more important than money and the upbringing they get today is what will lead them on a path to success tomorrow.
Invest time and energy in your child. You can wait on the line for each new Jordan being launched, but is really what you really want to instill in your child? Materialism is vague. And wasted time like they say, is worse than wasted money, because you can still make money but you can never bring back wasted time. Invest wisely in your child right now and reap the rich benefits forever.

Its Chiaka, Chasari the LagosNewYorker.