Thursday, September 1, 2016

Food for thought

They were together on the same boat, and then they noticed water coming in from a corner of the boat: it was a leak, and before they could work to fix it together, one decided to jump into the sea because they can swim and left the other battling to paddle and the boat began to sink. The other tried so hard to paddle on top of trying to call out to their friend for help and to advice them to come back to the boat for safety because the torrents were dangerous and he knew better about the waters than the one who jumped into the sea. There wasn't much he could do but try to save himself, fix the leak and paddled to safety. He waited on the other friend, and waited, and waited. Whatever happened to the other friend? Sad! The torrents was too much for him to swim. The waters had drowned him and then sent him back to the shore after a while. 

Moral: True friends stick to each other even when it's seemingly difficult and in times of distress. Don't be too quick to jump out a situation but work to fix it and if it eventually paves away and breaks to pieces, then you can swim. Before then, do all you can to put the boat back afloat and together sail to safety. The easy way out is hardly ever the best way out. Think about the torrents before you dive. 

Chasari the LagosNewYorker.