Saturday, September 3, 2016

The undeniable existence of beauty

Beauty comes in very different forms and you cannot doubt the existence of such beauty. Have you taken a good look at the birds that fly in mid heavens and how they look? There's a variety and each one has its peculiar characteristics that make it beautiful in its own way. The lilies of the field, the eagle that soars high, the pegions we are so used to seeing around us and the parrot that's such a talkative. Have you ever spent some time to look at these beautiful creatures? Yes I have. And I can tell you confidently that each one of them was created beautiful in its own way.

Have you ever wondered how the flowers array themselves with so much beauty? They could come in different colors and shades and they can smell better than the most nicely prepared scents and perfumes. Sometimes you wonder if someone decorated and painted them in those colors overnight before they blossomed the next morning... Yes! I feel that way at times. 

And so, do you know that humans are the most beautiful things you can ever see on the earth? Variety they say, is the spice of life. And so, we were made to look different and have beautiful features. Not everybody will have my big Nose and big lips. Not everybody will have my dark rich chocolate skin. I might not be as tall as the other man is, and my eyes may not be as grey as that beautiful woman's eyes are. I may have short hair and you may have long, curly hair. 

Our voices too are different. You may sound like the beautiful birds of heaven that sing beautiful songs by 5:30am while I sound like a cock that crows by 4am. You may be curvy and thick while I may be slim and average. It's all a variety and that makes us the most beautiful things on this planet. So, when decide to procreate and then we come together and combine these qualities and characteristics, it brings forth kings and queens like me and my family. 

I can bet you that I will make kings and queens because this is proof that I am part of the human race.
And the most beautiful children are always those who are mixed races. They turn out to look like diamonds because we are meant to make the best out of the variety we have, and not stick to the same routine all the time. This makes us humans. We have free will. We have a choice and we can see and feel the powerful existence of beauty. We are beautiful! 

The LagosNewYorker