Friday, July 8, 2016

I don't see Color.

I am pained to live in a generation where skin color is seen as a medium to segregate certain people from others. Its so sad! Who wouldn't want to live life in peace?
When we are born into the world, we are called a baby. We are not called white or black or mixed or all of that. We are higher animals and have you ever noticed how other animals interact?
A black goat will eat grass with a brown colored goat, and they will mate and have babies that are black and brown. A white dog will mate a black dog and when they have mixed puppies they look so adorable, and we sure love to see those beauties mature.
But what has happened to us Humans? What color do we see? I just don't get it!
Do you know that babies never know color until their minds are fried and made to believe that one person is better than the other because they look a certain color?
What is it with the racial disparity? Why do cowards put hate in their hearts and those of the little innocent babies? Why do you decide to create hatred and enmity and instill wrong morals in the hearts of the younger ones when we should rather be building each other up in love?
What is wrong with the world? Can we just be natural? Can we just be normal? Can we just be humans?

A tree grows and produces fine fruit that's edible. It comes in all colors, forms and sizes, and we all decide to eat whatever we want. Whatever fruits and vegetables we can afford is eaten and we enjoy them. The fruits never decide to poison someone having a certain color because they are not good for them. It never happens. We don't refuse olives in a salad because of its color, and I wouldn't refuse sour cream in my burrito because of its color.
Can we just be normal? Can we reset our mindset to those times when we were babies? Where we never saw race, nor color and we were just happy living together. I miss those days. I really do.
Love is all we need. The heart condition and feelings are what matters the most.
Do you know how many interracial marriages or relationships we have in the world today?
Do you know how many mixed pregnancies we have out there today?
Lets stop this madness before the babies grow and start getting confused and asking what color they really are. Because a baby never knows anything about color except for the beauty of variety in different colors, and they never feel a certain way about a color until they are told something.
I love the mixture. I love colors. I wear all colors. I embrace all colors.
I will not stop being who I am and I will never stop loving what I love.
I am Chiaka, Chasari, the LagosNewyorker!