Friday, September 2, 2016

Food for thought

They said I was crazy, I told them I wasn't born like the normal child and didn't come out from just anybody, my mother is an angel, hence the major difference in characteristics and the way I do my thing. 
Then, they said I was Heartless and have no human sympathy. Then I reminded myself of how many times I have thought about helping the excessive amount of people who suffer on earth, the little I have been able to render whenever I could, the things I am still doing right now, and how hard I am working to be able to help as much more people as possible. Then I put my hand close to my chest and feel my heart beat, and I smile and say to myself: I am not heartless. 
Then they tell me to go to Hell because this is what I deserve and where I belong. Then I remind them that I was born in hell. I lived in hell, I grew up in hell, I matured in hell, became a king in hell, was named Chasari in hell, and decided to become the LagosNewYorker and live in NY today. So, if I go back to hell today, I am King! I will walk in and control the affairs like no one else will do better.

And then they tell me they can't continue on a journey with me. Then I smile and ask myself: How many times do you have to be reminded that you are alone in this cold world and really don't need anybody's point of view to determine your happiness, dictate the pace at which you live your life, love yourself and others, and the happiness that comes with giving love and expecting nothing in return for such a good deed.
 And a "journey" may seem like endless to some but I see things differently, I start journeys everyday and get to my destination before the end of the same day, some take me weeks, some months, and some years. But I never miss my path, I walk when I can, run when I can and fly when I can. And whenever the journey is getting the best of me and I feel so weak, I just crawl and never stop! I get to my destination and become a victor each time. I never relent and I never stop. I don't take the easy way out. I always win! I mean... Always!

I will never stop winning and things will never stop working out for me as planned because I am blessed and guided by the greatest personification of blessing and love in the universe and he has not failed me for once. He made me who I am today. I am King! I am who I am. I am Chasari.

The LagosNewYorker.