Friday, June 17, 2016

The true value of a mother

I know it is normal for children these days in the permissive world we live in today to look down at their mothers, talk down on their mothers and even sometimes say curse words to their mothers. Living in New York City, I see this everyday and I just smile so as not to meddle in other people's affairs, but this is unacceptable and utterly disrespectful.

Do you know that every woman alive has the ability to carry a baby in the womb for as many months as possible and bring a life to the world. A woman has so much patience and she cares for the child in the womb from the first day she discovers she's pregnant and wants to keep the baby. There is an automatic bond between the mother and the child and they become inseperable. The woman has a lot of pain and sometimes suffers so much in silence because she will bear whatever pain to keep her baby. And the agony of childbirth cannot be explained. It can only be felt by the woman who suffers labor pains and waits for the child to finally come out into the world. 

Now the child is born and then the woman starts to breastfeed from the moment the child needs to eat, and she does this for months, bathing the child, carrying the child everywhere she goes, caring for the child's every need. It takes a lot of patience, love, prayers, sleepless nights, overwhelming anxieties and sometimes the woman doesn't understand how she's going to keep doing this, but she never stops. 

And then, the child grows and becomes mature enough to understand life and then decides to start talking back at someone who did all of this for you right from when you were formed? How ungrateful! No woman has ever had a child and hated the child. A lot goes into making sure the child's needs are met. So, can you just have a rethink the next time you think you want to talk back at your mother? Just as we always would love a gift offered to us by someone especially when it is unexpected, so is the gift of your mother deciding not to abort you and keep you so you can come into the world. So, the best way to say thank you to a mother is show love and respect in return. You can never repay them for all the good they have done for us in our lives. 

I use this medium to say thank you to my dear mother. You are everything! You made me who I am today and you taught me from infancy that there's more to life than we see on the outside. The love, care and affection you showered me is reflected in my attitude towards others and I can boastfully say that "I have the best mother in the World". I love you so much and you will always be my Numero Uno. Am proud of my mother and nothing can change the way I feel. How about you? 

It's Chiaka, Chasari the LagosNewYorker!