Saturday, September 3, 2016

You fall in love with the things you are attracted to.

It's funny how our wants, needs, desires and aspirations can change with time due to certain factors. But it's only natural that it happens that way. Recently, I fell in love with Jamaica and wanted to be part of the culture, the place, the people and I was out there to learn as much as I could about this beautiful island and take a trip there sometime to get to know as much as I possibly can about these wonderful tribe and people.
I fell in love with Jamaica and was attracted to It. The attraction was more than a mere attraction of the eyes and I will forever be attracted and be part of it. Planning for a trip over there soon, trying to learn a few things about the patwa slangs and language as they have it, and I have already learnt a lot of sayings, proverbs and demographics.
I was speaking to my Jamaican friend this morning and he said: Duppy know who fi frighten. And because of the context of our discussion I had a premeditated understanding of what that saying meant and I really took notice of it and kept it at heart. For the sake of knowledge and continuous learning I will explain the meaning in clear terms: Bullies pick on those who have the least defense.
They can tell that this person will not be able to fight back or talk back at them for certain reasons and so they feel superior and pick on these people as much as they enjoy doing it.
How much my interest grew for Jamaican culture, food, language, sayings and more cannot be explained or overly emphasized. It is what it is.
I fell in love with Jamaica and I am still in love with Jamaica as this is not changing anytime soon. I am on a quest to fulfill my urge and the yearning I have as I live my life and enjoy what I do.
I know some of you share my sentiments.

The LagosNewYorker