Sunday, June 19, 2016

Ever know where life takes you?

You never know where life takes you.
True Indeed! Look back 5 years of your life and imagine how much has changed. So much I guess.
You have grown, you have matured, made your mistakes, learned your lessons, made good decisions that have taken a good toll on your life, made bad decisions and had to live with the consequences.
Well, a whole lot could have happened. But the best thing about it is, if you are reading this right now, then you are still alive, and you can see. That's a blessing.
Sometimes we make mistakes because we are imperfect and we have to live with the decisions we make because the live with us and don't leave us. Well, there's no set rule for an individuals choices in life and I appreciate the fact that we have free will and can choose to do what we please to do and what our heart steers us to. So, we have a new day counting already today, and the next 5 years that we have in front of us can either mold us into a future success, or be such a disaster. You may think you really don't need the opinion of others as to what you choose to do with your life, but sit back, think and wonder: The men who became major successes in life had to live with a vision and they had people they talked to, a lot of advice and decision making. Know who you listen to and take advice from. Remember, a wise man never talks too loud and too much. Never wants to win a war of words and is never haughty.
Someone may have so much wealth and still be foolish. So do not be mistaken. That you are wealthy doesn't mean you are wise. And that you are of little means doesn't mean you can't give me the best advice that could impact positively on my future.
I will keep working with the right frame of  mind, meeting the right people and doing the right things today, because you never know where life takes you. Make the right decisons.

Wise words I heard from Rosemary Garcia this Morning. Instagram: @rosemarygarciany
Its Chiaka, Chasari the Lagos NewYorker.