Saturday, July 16, 2016

The art of Hand Embroidery

It takes someone with special talents or relentless hard-work to make a unique style out of clothing. This is because clothing has been here since the beginning and there have been styles and trends that come and go, so it is very rare to come out with something that nobody has ever seen.
But, I must say that certain people have decided to take designs and handwork to another level and it is worth looking into. This is a source of inspiration when you think about all the work that was put into this from the conception stage where the designs are thought of in the mind, and till the point where they are made to look like the imagination. Never comes easy! 
Let me post a few pictures of one design I found so interesting and unique:

This design is by Chasari the Lagos NewYorker and it's a beautiful piece of artwork.
Sometimes I wonder if people really appreciate those little things we do that are not the usual as expected by everyone out there in the world. But the fact is, if you wait for the endorsement of people before you decide to carry out certain things, you will never be happy and will never discover how much worth you have. So I suggest, you get the work done and move ahead with getting yourself better the next time. Wait for people's views and suggestions and if you are criticized, it's a good thing. Work on making it better the next time and then you will be surprised how much better you will get. Put all of this together and keep going. Don't stop! 
It's Chiaka, Chasari the LagosNewYorker.