Tuesday, June 7, 2016

You don't know how good you have it!

This statement I have personally made to countless people I meet here in the USA.
We seem to take too much for granted and still complain about certain things not being in place for us or as good as we would have wanted it to be. But, I personally believe we really need to be thankful for the provisions we have readily at our disposal, and all those things we regard as a norm seems to be luxury for certain people.

I will post a few pictures I got from Lagos Mainland, Nigeria.
It rained, and then it flooded. Bad drainage, poor road networks and self-centred politicians are a few factors that make life difficult for the citizens.

Let's share a few pictures.

Local Okada(Motorcycle) riders riding thru the flood
These people don't even complain anymore, it's sad
Now, who says a truck can't do the things a yacht does?
High School Student happily walking home in the flood
Nothing seems to be taking away from his Joy
The Chickens feel like they just came out of a sauna 
People still get going in their daily activities
A waiting line at the ATM 
But the rain isn't stopping this business
Neither is it stopping the goat from eating grass wet
Nor is it stopping the brick moulders from selling their wet bricks
And people still smile in these conditions
And there are potholes and large stones under the flood

Now, I wonder what's stopping you. You may be living in a better environment, having a lot of provisions in place, the government over here may be more concerned about your well being as a citizen, and you have benefits, free education and a whole lot more you can lay your fingers on. Opportunities abound.

How do you utilize these opportunities?

The young boy in that picture walking in the flood will wake up the next morning heading back to school happily and in good spirits because he has his mind set on making it better for himself and his parents believe getting educated is the first step to take him there. He has a "Vision" and he won't let it die. He will walk in the flood everyday it rains if that's what it takes to get what he wants.
I have walked these streets, I have been in floods like this, walked them back home from school, on my way to school, been in a car driving thru the flood and the engine went off, still had to come out of the car and push. Hawked on the streets in this condition just to make a living. This is the life I lived for many years, so I can relate with the feelings of those people right now!

A lot of us just sleep, wake up, live a free life and forget that we all are going to be remembered for something we did while we lived our lives. What will you be remembered for?
Food for thought!

It's still me. Chiaka, Chasari the Lagos-Newyorker.