Wednesday, June 1, 2016


It's the first day of the 6 month of the year 2016. And this day couldn't start any better than how it felt to me this morning. Beautiful sun shining and giving my body the necessary vitamins, beautiful New Yorkers walking, jumping, riding, driving, smiling, singing and screaming everywhere that I walked by and my desire for fine food took me to an amazing breakfast. Now I can say confidently that this will be such a wonderful day especially after I have had my Middle Eastern Lamb and Vegetable rice breakfast and the food starts kicking in, giving me the needed strength to work all day long.

Also, I noticed that Wyeth Eyewear has advertised all over the place. I walked this area everyday in winter and I didn't see this. Loving their sunglasses though, and since it's sunny right now, I think I might just get me one.

There are couple of nice restaurants around here in Bushwick. But Popeyes has really got all the customers around here with their promo and the $5 Box I was eating everyday until I almost felt Popeyes chicken growing on my head. With Dunkin Donuts right beside them it's like saying: Serve me some fresh hot pieces of Chicken and then you run into Dunkin Donuts for some Iced Coffee or Chocolate to deal with the sunny weather.
Anyways, I will leave you guys with a couple of pictures to go over.

Did I ever mention that I was a lover of Scotch Whisky? Oh.... I do love whisky and so I wonder if Buchanan's will send me a bottle so I can take a better picture, as you know, whisky could bring out the best in you when taken in the right proportion.
Plus I have to get back to work, so I will be leaving you with this for now.
Later in the day, I will be writing another short article of interest.
Have a wonderful day and always be inspired!

Chiaka, Chasari the Lagos-NewYorker.