Friday, June 3, 2016

Interview with Lil Miss Livigirl the 3 Year Old Chubby Model.

Good afternoon to you my fellow Inspirators. 
Its a wonderful Friday and the end of a week that went by so fast.
And guess what, I have a truly inspiring and motivating post about a young chubby model who is a true example of what I mean when I say “Start NOW”, she is just 3 and has only been modeling for 6 months, but the desire and drive she had to start was noticed by her parents who are guiding her through the journey of being a supermodel in the nearest future. I was opportune to take an interview of Alivia Kamia Miller A.K.A Lil Miss Livigirl and her mom, and it was such a pleasure.


What are her full names? Alivia lamia miller

What’s her Brand Name? Lil miss liviGirl 

At what age did she first begin? 3

What Skills has she had to work on the hardest? Focusing and timing 

How did it feel before you as the parents made the decision to start? I was very nervous because Alivia always changes her mind about what she wants to do, but once I saw her crying to walk like Tyra and be a princess I let nervousness go and started researching fashion shows.

Did it ever feel like something was holding you back? Ever felt Inadequate? No I always tell Alivia she can do whatever she want. Let nothing hold you back.

Was there ever a time you really felt like… I am stopping this? No, this modeling is really building her confidence and personality. If I ever thought about stopping she would prolly stop talking to me Lol . 

There must have been discouraging factors… Can you list them? When she doesn't get casted, when we go to shows and designers don't have her size, when they say she to young to walk or walk with the big girls.


What Drives you as the parents to keep her going? That smile, seeing the joy in her eyes when she gets off that runway .

How does it feel being in the level you are at right now?
It feels amazing we have only been doing this for 6 months now and my baby has been in 7 shows and all those shows started at 5 and up 

Where do you see her in the next 5 years?
On a NYC kids billboard modeling, and continuing her education.

Have you had regrets? None at all

Word for the youths out there who are working hard and looking to be successful?
Never stop trying never give up never lose faith.. As long as you want it, it takes you to go get it.

There’s somebody out there reading this who just wants to be like her, someone who sees her as a mentor. What does it take to be like the little princess? Creativity, Style and Swag 

Is there  anyone who you look up to as inspiration? Yes all the older women in my life. Each and everyone of them have had an impact on me 

Anyone you wish she will work with sometime soon? Tyra her Idol.

What piece of advice would you give younger ones about developing their skills and talents?

Keep practicing. Don't work once try again.

Amazing, isn't it?
Now, this is a wake up call to you out there who has been looking to start up something and have still not decided what to do. The power is in your hands, and only you holds the keys to your destiny and future. You can choose to start now or keep procrastinating. Just remember... Tomorrow, you would wish you had started today or even yesterday. 

And to the parents out there. Use your discretion to find out what would best work for your child, train and develop them in the aspect of life they love the most, and you let them decide for themselves what they really want to be in future. The young ones need direction. We all have a part to play in making them have a better future.

I am Inspired! And I am sure someone out there is Inspired.
Once again, its me, Chiaka Chasari the Lagos-NewYorker