Sunday, June 5, 2016

My Experience at the Go Green Festival in Brooklyn, NY

Had the privilege to represent Brooklyn Creative Studio at the Go Green Festival in Brooklyn yesterday. Together with 3 top designers, Rosemary Garcia of Brooklyn Creative Studio, Cedric Dark of Berda and Kimberly Wilkes, we were able to grace the festival with our crafts. Turning Old clothes into something else. So we had a lot of wonderful kids who were part of this and made it a day to remember. It was such an awesome experience making my profession fun and fulfilling.
We had beautiful tables set up with Rosemary's pink Singer Machine and a white Brother Machine.
People were amazed to see Machines set up outside in the open and working on things for the kids.

About Rosemary: She's the President of Bonita Cosmetics and the Owner of Brooklyn Creative Studio here in Brooklyn, NY.

About Cedric Dark: He's the CEO and Owner of the Berda Brand and he's from Houma, Louisiana but came to Brooklyn, NY for the hustle.

About Kim: She's a designer and best known for her costume designing and she resides in Brooklyn, NY.

So the DJ got jamming, and she got me moving to the beat of her mix.

Pictures, they say, tell a thousand stories... So, I will give you something for your eyes.