Monday, June 6, 2016

Interview with Actor Beth Fryman

On Saturday June 4th I interviewed the young and upcoming actor Beth Fryman. She lives in Los Angeles CA, studied Theatre at University of Southern California and American Music and Drama Arts Academy (NYC). She has experience in NYC and LA theatre and film, she is dedicated to her craft and is extremely professional. She is a performer and actor and is taking her passion to greater heights with her relentless career goals and works everyday to make it better.

She is one my several examples of hard working women having that drive to become a future success. We had a lengthy discussion and I was able to get her to answer certain questions about her career, how and why she stays dedicated, and a lot more we can all benefit from. It’s always a pleasure having such inspiring articles as there is always something positive to learn.

What are your full names?

BETH: Beth Fryman

What’s your Brand Name?

BETH: Beth Fryman 

At what age did you first begin?

BETH: 13

How old were you when you saw a real turn in your career?

BETH: 19

What Skills did you have to work on the hardest?

BETH: Business 

What is the skill or technique you have seen from someone else you really do admire?

BETH: The art of the deal and not selling out your you or your art. 

Who is the most admirable person you have worked with?

BETH: There have been several. But, it always feels like a name drop. For me, I admire the underdog the most. I am an underdog. When someone is hustling so hard, I admire that drive. 

What skill is most underrated?

BETH: Finding jobs and a good agent. That alone is an art form. 

What does it feel like when you work on something and then it comes off as planned when you needed it?

BETH: Nothing ever turns out as you planned. Haha! You make a plan, shoot for that goal, and roll with the punches with whatever happens on the journey. Life gifts you with the unimaginable when you are open to it. 

Is there a most memorable part of your career?

BETH: I could say a premiere or working with so and so or this celebrity. For for me..... It's the moment a show opens. You can't explain the live experience. As a performer you live for it. Wait years for it. 

How did it feel before you made the decision to start?

BETH: I never had choice. Performing was my destiny. I couldn't ever stop the train. 

Did it ever feel like something was holding you back? Ever felt Inadequate?

BETH: Life in a small town was challenging. You can be a banker, factory worker, teacher, or farmer. All proud professions. But nothing I could relate to in my soul. I just knew I had to be open to starting over somewhere on my own. So, I had to be stubborn and not give up on me. I had to remember even though I was different, I was still worthy of my passion. 

Was there ever a time you really felt like… I am stopping this?

BETH: Everyday! Haha. It's insane to pursue a career in the arts. But, creative fields are important. Whether or not those who are not famous are valued. I tell stories that help others feel like they aren't alone. Group catharsis is my job. Humanity is more circular and more harmonious because of the arts. 

There must have been discouraging factors… Can you list them?

BETH: Money is always a factor. You just have to balance and work hard. It is possible, but you will always be walking the line of... "When is my next job? "


What Drives you?

BETH: The human race. Understand us and what makes us tick. Every story, movie, episode, and play is about our connection or lack thereof connection. I have a passion for all our lives and reflecting the characters who exist in our world. 

How does it feel being in the level you are at right now?

BETH: I have to hustle. I am constantly thinking... "What else can I do today?" My days are never done. 

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

BETH: Hopefully, working strictly in Indie Film and possible back on Broadway. 

Have you had regrets? Be sincere enough!

BETH: Regrets don't exist. Learning experiences.... Yes. I have had many learning experiences, but they have all taught me great lessons. 

Word for the youths out there who are working hard and looking to be successful?

BETH: Perusing a career in the arts is difficult work. It's always preparation meets opportunity. You must be prepared the minute the opportunity arrives. No maybe later. Say yes and go for it. An education can help you be prepared. Education is a gift no one can take away from you. There is always more to learn every day. Always stay in an acting class. A great teacher told me , In the arts there is no top to the staircase. You are always walking up. 

There's somebody out there reading this who just wants to be like you, someone who sees you as a mentor. What does it take to be like “BETH FRYMAN”?

Stay focused. Life is full of distractions. Figure who you are, what your type is, and what you want. Always show up on time and be respectful. This business is small, you must put your best foot forward everyday. Enjoy life. Be grateful. Be humble. Life will give you gifts when you feed it with positivity. 

Was there/Is there still anyone who you looked up to as inspiration?

BETH: My mother. Cliche, but true. She started from nothing. But, she got up everyday and worked hard. She never stopped learning. She never stopped being true to herself. As an individual she made her own rules. And let's just say, she changed lives and had a very good retirement. Anything is possible. Even beginning with nothing. Our minds are powerful. Use it. Be creative. Hard work will pay off. 

Anyone you wish to work with sometime soon?

BETH: Anyone who tells a great story that has value. Film and theatre are important to our community. Actors can be the guide to our moral compasses. We reflect the mirror back to society. Burton, Taratino and Gilliam are some amazing goals for of colleagues. But, again.... I love the underdog. I'd love to work with a new Sundance director or Cannes award winner. 

What piece of advice would you give younger ones about developing their skills and talents?

BETH: Read read read. Read every play you can get your hands on and then some. And of course, stay in classes and continue your education. 

What should they work on the most?

BETH: The craft. To be a brand, you must have a craft. Value yourself enough to want to be the best at your craft. 

Guess we all have a something to add to our archive of knowledge from this interview.
Everyday is a new opportunity to learn and take steps to get better.
Its still me. Chiaka, Chasari the Lagos-NewYorker.