Friday, June 10, 2016

So much to make ourselves look good.

You know, I was sitting in a Barber Shop on a waiting line, very hungry because I needed to have a clean cut as a good start to my day. I waited and waited and at the point where it was one person in the line ahead of me, I gave up on waiting and had to go eat something.
In 7 minutes I was done with food and headed back only to see that someone else who was on the waiting line has gone ahead of me, and I had to continue the wait until it was my turn.
Can you imagine I waited 3 hours just to get a haircut? If I had to wait that long for somebody else, I doubt if I would. Not even waiting for my wife in a salon. You know, it sounds crazy but this is how much we can sacrifice to make ourselves look good.
And when women go to the beauty shop, OMG, Excuse my french. I don't wanna say much. We all know a whole day is not enough for a woman to make herself look beautiful.

But it's very wrong if we make others look bad by word or action. And a whole lot of people do this intentionally. Some people take pleasure in making others look bad and then believe that they will look good doing that. That's pathetic. I believe such people have complex issues they need to work on. We should be willing to add value to the lives of others and inspire them positively as this could go a long way to making them better people. You never know how much this may mean to these people in future, they may thank you.

One more thing, never expect a 'thank you' for any good deed you do for someone. If you think you are not getting any rewards right now, just keep doing good deeds and impacting positively on more people's lives and one day, even if you are no longer here on earth, people will sing your praises.

It's Chiaka, Chasari the LagosNewyorker.