Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Africa, Motherland! An introduction to Lagos Mainland

A lot of us have heard a lot about Africa and maybe never gotten a chance to travel or experience it in real life. But we always hear of Africa been labeled as motherland, a land full of those things that bring you closer to nature, green vegetation and fields, animals, the hot weather condition and a whole lot of other things that are just pleasing to the eyes.  Fortunately, I was born in Africa and lived there all my life before I came into New York this year. So, I have a wealth of Information about Africa that I would love to share with you fellow Inspirators.

I lived in Lagos, Nigeria. And Lagos is a Mega City. In short, I will rightly say, Lagos is the financial capital of Nigeria and Africa as a whole, and one of the fastest growing cities in the world.
Lagos is made up of people from all cultures coming together to form a stronghold. A lot of foreigners even live in Lagos, having set up several businesses and because you have the population of over 22 Million residents, there are always people to whom your products will appeal to, as long as you know your roots and have the right business plan.

I also traveled to neighbouring African countries because I was curious and wanted to see how life is over there and was able to see the culture and way of life in comparison to Lagos Nigeria, and I would tell you, they are no match for the fast paced Lagos(A.k.a Lasgidi) life.

Lagos comprises of several local governments but I could tell you that I personally categorize Lagos into 2 parts. The Island and the Mainland. There is a Bridge called the 3rd Mainland Bridge that connects the Mainland to the Island as the whole area is surrounded by the atlantic ocean. So you can say that there's a lot of fresh fish, crabs and other aquatic food. Agriculture has always been part of the culture in Nigeria, and so a lot of food is grown naturally.

The Island is known for its expensive real-estate properties, luxury condos and apartments, expensive buildings, some people go as far as filling up swampy areas and converting it into luxury. You wouldn't imagine the monetary wealth that has been invested in this place.. Well, let's talk a little about the Mainland.

The Mainland has a lot of industries and is known to be more of the "dirty" Lagos. I personally love the Mainland because if you are a lover of nature and want to know what Africa really looks like and you are flying in for the first time, you will love it better on the Mainland. There you can see the goats walk the roads, the chickens, children playing on the streets, food sellers hawking, side music been played from bars, and a whole lot more. I am not saying you can see these on the Island, but not as much as it will be seen on the Mainland. The Mainland was also known for its music and nightlife in places such as Ikeja, Yaba, Surulere and a couple others before a lot of clubs sprung up on the Island and then took major glory for the Night life.

Anyways, I will be posting few pictures about the Mainland today, and what you expect to see in places on the Mainland. I will post more as soon as I get them. These pictures were taking today, this evening Nigerian time and that's 5 hours ahead of New York time.

A water tank somewhere in Lagos Mainland

A woman sitting beside her produce for sale on the streets of Lagos Mainland.
I see Apples, WaterMelons, Oranges, Cucumber e.t.c

A Tricycle(A.k.a Keke) Rider crossing in-between the roads. 

A typical look of the front of a house in Lagos Mainland

An Okada Rider making his way past a street in Lagos with his female passenger.

Another Keke rider

Ladies hawking local food around and they sure are almost done selling from
the look of things. 

You have to scream a call to let residents know you are around and ready
to sell. These here are selling Amala, some local delicacy.

A Banana tree, a blurred coconut tree and a mango tree

A  lot more green vegetation

Here are a few pictures I could get today. I would be writing
a little more tomorrow about a different part on the Mainland
in Lagos. I will also post more pictures. 
I remain your fellow Inspirator.
Chiaka, Chasari the Lagos-NewYorker.