Saturday, May 28, 2016

First Interview with Berda Fashion Brand.

Today, I had the privilege to Interview Cedric Dark, the CEO Berda Fashion Brand. He is currently in Brooklyn, New York and working for his next Fashion show called #SlayDay. Show will be in his hometown Houma, Louisiana where he has made his brand a force to reckon with after he went back after many years of being in the city and gave back to the people. He started this brand a couple of years ago, and that's about 2 years. His philosophy: Always give back to you hood and your hometown because this is where you started. This statement sounds very reasonable to me.
Cedric also told us about his journey so far and how he was able to hold his reputation high in the Fashion industry, had to leave Louisiana for Newark, NJ before coming over to NY in the Chase of his Dreams to be the brand that he is today.

He always had the passion for fashion, but at a point he almost lost focus of his passion. First he signed up for a model contract and did an independent movie but then he found out that passion was what he loved. Fashion was his Passion, even if people told him that the role he played in the movie was good. He mentioned his Mentor to be Rosemary Garcia the CEO of Bonita Cosmetics and Owner of Brooklyn Creative Studio, calling her a Jack of All Trades because she offers 78 Classes in her studio here in Brooklyn, NY. Now, that's amazing!

He mentioned the unique skill that makes him different from others out there is his "HEART". Yes you heard me right. Stating its a hard skill to define, but when you put your heart and soul into things, you don't need to run all over the place for people to see what you do. It Shows for itself. He calls it PASSION! Everybody wants to do it, everybody wants to be a part of it, but do you have passion for it? Can you keep it going?

When I asked him how he feels when he sees his work come out just as he had envisaged, he says he just feels blessed and thanks God that he was able to make that vision come true. He says it feels like he is giving a soul, giving a life and this means to much to him that something he visioned comes alive, and he is trying to make every single piece come alive and make people feel confident in their surroundings wearing his clothing.

Then I asked: Was there anytime you felt like you couldn't do this? Any feelings of being Inadequate?

He answered yes. There were times he just wanted to stop and felt like he was not doing enough and could never be appreciated enough but then he remembered his dreams and his vision and those few people who believed in him, and this was a boost for him to hang in there and never stop.

Where do you see yourself in the Next 5 years?

He said his vision is to continue to do humanitarian work, always giving back to people out there, helping to develop the youths out there, creating Jobs, teaching people new things and learning from other people.

I took note of 2 points in the last sentence: Creating Jobs for people out there and Learning from other people. This is proof that the Learning Process never stops, and it doesn't matter how far you have gone. There is always room for improvement.

Have you ever had any regrets?

In college he didn't really take school serious because he went to school for the wrong thing and not to study what he really wanted, and for this reason his dream was pending for a couple of years, so he feels he should have started earlier and chased the right things. He also made a lot of bad decisions, following the wrong crowd in life, and was living life like he was 2 people, having a good personality and then a bad one.

Words of Inspiration for people out there?

First, you have to trust yourself, because no one is gonna trust you as much as you do yourself. He says, just as your heart loves your body and it beats for your body, so the same way as your heart beats every second, try to use the work ethic like your heart beats for your body to run your own business. Put all the hard work of your heart into your business. Do that, stay focused and positive, and with God on your side, you can accomplish anything.

Impressive Illustration!!! I felt inspired.

Who in the Fashion World do you wish to work to?

I really am willing to work with anyone or anybody but honestly, I like to keep it real, and I like working with the people who are just starting up. I don't wanna work with the celebrities because I'm gonna be a celebrity. I am just trying to work with people who are grinding hard, getting it out of the mud and willing to give it all because these are the people that keep me motivated, keep me working hard and inspire me the most. I am willing to work with anybody, but I keep it local and extend it to anyone who is willing to work with me.

So I added this: A lot of people are out there, working hard and starting from the scratch and looking to be motivated, but people tend to look to the Big designers, working with the big names. But what happens to the ones out there that have a vision to start small and grow big? So my advice to you out the is START RIGHT NOW! You don't have to wait couple of months or years. A brand is like a newborn. You nourish and feed them to make them grow and when you see them grow, you will be pleased.

Lastly he said he has a show coming up June 18th #SlayDay a day where we give back to all the kids and show them how to become professionals in fashion, makeup, photography and video making.

Thank you all for reading.

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