Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Visit to Brooklyn Creative Studio

Words can't express the way I felt after I took a peek into the life of one of the people I respect the most. When you meet someone who makes it seem like they are doing nothing and they can actually put a dress together in a few minutes, make soap, make candles, body products and in short, while I was just writing this short story about her, she made a reversible bag and asked me if I liked it. I was short of words cause I couldn't imagine that someone could multi-task so much and do all of these things at the same time.

Well, her name is Rosemary Garcia and she is the owner of Brooklyn Creative Studio, here in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY. I haven't been able to have a straight interview with her because of how busy she gets all day. I have not seen a woman with so much energy. I am still trying to arrange for a one one one interview with her soon. She offer 78 different classes in her Studio. Yes, 78!!! The list is endless, so I would just give you the link to her website so you check it out yourself.

If you go thru her website and tell me you are not inspired by the things she does, well, I would know what to say to you. Because, you do not just find women like this everyday. This is pure Genius. I won't say much.

I am a true believer that if you impart to people's lives, then you are a leader, always ready to give out to others and make them feel empowered, and this is all that I see in Rosemary Garcia.
She's a true mentor and someone whose lifestyle is worth looking into and following.
Learned a lot from her already and I am open to learn a lot more.
If there's anything mind blowing about my day, it is the fact that I had this experience of going around the studio, watching people come in and out, learn, invent new things, and the happiness on their faces when they were able to complete a project. Inspiring isnt it?

I remain your humble writer/blogger. Chiaka, Chasari the Lagos-NewYorker.